ACME Ticketing is a richly featured event management, resource management, and ticket sales system for venues with multiple recurring events, such as museums. Their system encompasses numerous end points such as point of sale, event management, B2C sales websites, and vendor control system. I joined ACME for a month to help them unify their various features on the different systems.

I used a very methodical process to make sure that I capture all the functionality nuances between the different systems during the redesign.To keep sane around such a large redesign, I used the following system:

  1. Survey each system and create workflows for all features
  2. Mark duplicate features and inconsistencies in the user experience
  3. Prioritize issues with head of product
  4. Identify the highest priority relatively isolated feature (e.g. ticket confirmation emails)
  5. Create a checklist for any features that are affected, and what information they should contain (e.g. event management panel should display tickets in the same hierarchy as confirmation emails)
  6. Create wireframes and visual designs for the feature from step 4
  7. Repeat from step 3

During this time, I also had to balance emergency requests from clients that needed quick solutions. Over my month there, I was able to redesign and ship two features in addition to the full-system workflow survey.