Bazaarvoice is a SaaS company that provides white-labeled review plugins for companies like Nike and Walmart. Bazaarvoice was Konsult’s long-term client for several years. We worked on two large projects, the first one is integrating reviews with Google Shopping’s rating system, during which we operated as an independent team. The second project was a new service for small businesses. Konsult integrated into Bazaarvoice’s in-house team, where we were responsible for the email processing part of the platform.

My responsibilities

I was responsible for delivering Konsult’s share of the project. This means I did hands-on engineering (using NodeJS), managed junior engineers, participated in project planning and SCRUM, defined APIs with the in-house engineers, and designed web and email UI for the features that we were directly responsible for.

Fun fact

Did you know that divs aren’t supported in all email clients? So contrary to web development, the best practice in developing emails is to use tables everywhere.