Food Radar is an iOS app that Konsult designed and built for The app provided real-time location-based recommendations for attendees of the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. We released the app within a mere 4 weeks. I was responsible for scoping and design, as well as managing the engineering schedule to ensure a timely delivery.


Our client approached us two weeks before the World Cup and wanted an app she can distribute for testing at the World Cup. Given that App Store approval sometimes took 2 weeks, I knew this wasn’t possible, so we worked with the client to heavily cut features in order to achieve the closest reasonable deadline.

I worked with the client to scope the feature set based on which hypotheses she wanted to prove through the app. We focused on providing a single restaurant suggestion around meal-time based on the location of the user, without using cellular data (since most users are international). We offloaded many non-technical tasks such as data entry and content editing to the client, so that we can build the app and refine the design at the same time.

Our app appeared on the App Store 4 weeks after the start of the project, which included planning, design, development, and App Store approval.