In July of 2012, I founded this consulting firm with an old colleague from Apple. Within just the first month, I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything: from legals, PR, and marketing, to product management, design, and development. Everyday I went home with much more knowledge than I started out with. We ended operations in early 2015, and over those three years, we’ve worked with dozens of companies, producing both functional prototypes and production software across the web and mobile spaces.

My Responsibilities

I was a co-founder of Konsult, a web design and development consulting firm. I specialized in product planning, project management, design, and software development. I’ve worked independently, integrated into client teams, and while managing my own team.

I also spoke at JSConf EU 2012 and CSS Summit 2014 about web design and client-side development using HTML5 technologies.

Challenges, Lessons, Thoughts

Running a company is vastly different than being an employee. Everyday I must balance my time and energy between company operations, employee wellness, client sales, and product development. The most valuable skill I’ve learned during this time is being able to quickly switch gears between “looking at the big picture” and “sweating the details.” The second most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that talent is expensive and money always lasts shorter than you thought it would last. ;-)

Over Konsult’s lifetime, I’ve seen the inner-workings of companies big and small: from public companies to pre-seed startups. I’ve development my own product-creation methodology and honed them inside these organizations. Read more about them on my Medium series “How To Create a Kick-Ass Product“.

Konsult’s client projects are listed individually on the home page between 2012 and 2015.